5 Dressing Mistakes for Iceland

Dear foreign guests. The weather is bad in Iceland these January days so there are certain clothes that you need to avoid taking with you. Here are some examples:

1 Jeans. No, please. Jeans are cold and don’t dry so easily. It’s much better to bring hiking pants. They are convenient and dry easily.

2 High heals or sneakers. No, please. It’s winter. You need winter boots.

3 T-shirts. No. Sorry. Unless you are going to stay indoors all the time. And you need layers if you go outside.

4 Light jacket. No, please bring parka and or perhaps a thick jacket. Outdoor clothing works well and of course you could buy high quality outdoor 66North, IceWear, Cintamani or ZoOn in Iceland if you like.

5 Umbrella. No please. It rains sideways in Iceland. You’ll only destroy your umbrella. Please bring solid rain gear.