Barnafoss – Children’s Falls

Black and white, water and lava.
Glacial meltwater in falls Barnafoss, western Iceland.

Beautiful waterfall Barnafoss is located close to Husafell on the west coast of Iceland. It is a waterfall in river Hvita which is meltwater flowing om ice cap Langjokull. The name of the river means White River.

Barnafoss means Children’s Falls. Once upon a time there was a mother living with her family on one side of the falls. One year she decided to take the family to church on Christmas Eve and left two boys at home. The family had to cross a natural lava bidge across Barnafoss to get to church. When they got home from church the mother couldn’t find her two boys. They had followed the family in secrecy and tried to cross the lava bridge but fallen into the water and died. The mother grieved so heavily that she took an axe and chopped the bridge down so it doesn’t exist any more.

This is why the waterfall has the name Barnafoss – Children’s Falls.