Daylight is close to 5 hours

The climate in Iceland is mild.
The tempterature was -6°C just after 11am this morning.

The climate is mild in Iceland. Average temperature is 0°C in Reykjavik during winter, +13°C in summer but if it is windy then it feels colder. This morning there was -7°C / 19°F and very cold, at the moment -6°C. I definitely recommend bringing warm clothes, parkas, sweaters, winter boots, hats, gloves, scarves if you are coming to Iceland for the holidays.

Daylight is minimum during the darkest time of the year in this country. Since the sun barely makes up above the horizon there is only daylight for close to 5 hours a day. Today sunrise was at 11.12am, the sun goes down at 3.32pm but please don’t worry, the tours are planned with daylight in mind.

I always try to maximize the use of the dayligt. Of course we might be driving into the countryside in darkness in the morning and in darkness back to Reykjavik in the afternoon but we will have daylight when it matters most, when we visit all the stunning places in the nature.