Dyrhólaey with blowing hole

Two gaps into the headland.
Dyrhólaey is one of the many gems along the south coast of Iceland.

Dyrhólaey is a headland on the south coast that can be included in the south coast tour seeing waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers and the black beach Reynisfjara.

Dyrhólaey is close to 120 metre high (350 feet) and it is really many places in one, all of them interesting.

We drive up to the top of the headland where you take a short walk to see the arch on the photo above. If you like walking then you’ll enjoy the walk down the slope. Down there I meet you and take you to see different things in the nature. We will enjoy the view over the black beach Reynisfjara and to the dykes and cliffs in the ocean close to land. We will also see a blowing hole and all kinds of volcanic rocks.

Dyrhóley has rich birdlife in summer and sometimes you can see puffin there. Traffic and opening hours are limited in summer for respect and preservation of the birds.