Easy Exercise in Reykjavik

Burfellsgja is a lava channel in the great Reykjavik area, only 20-30 minutes drive from Reykjavik. The nature is extremely interesting with a lot of lava shapes, crevasses and caves until we reach the crater where the lava came from.

After parking the car we walk down some stairs to start the hike. We follow a path which takes us across some cracks and crevasses on the way. We are also passing a pen for sheep pen from the beginning of the 19th century etc.

After close to 1 hour’s walk the path gets tight and we start walking uphill. The crater Burfell is 180m or close to 600 feet high so it doesn’t take long to get up to the top. From the top we enjoy the view to Mt Helgafell and other hills and the area.

The Burfellsgja hike is easy if you want to add some exercise into your day tour, possibly as a part of a longer Reyjavik city sightseeing tour or Reykjanes peninsula tour. Please PM for more information. 

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