Evening hike on Mt Helgafell

I am offering private hiking tours as you can see on my Mountain Climbing website.  I am focusing on short days hikes in the Reykjavik area. Nine years ago I started offering evening and midnight hikes and I will do the same thing this summer. My emphasis will be on 3 hours evening hikes on Mt Helgafell.

This is how the itinerary will look like:

Pick-up close to your hotel in centre of Reykjavik. Driving for 20 minutes to the mountain parking. 20 minutes walk across the lava field to the mountain. The hike up and down the mountain takes close to 2 hours depending on the group. 20 minutes back to Reykjavik.

Please notice that you need sturdy hiking boots, hiking poles are good to have, especially if you are not used to hiking, jackets and or rain gear, gloves and hat depending on conditions. Water and or refreshments.

Please notice also that I might hire a guide to take you on the hike.