Flashback in Stormy Iceland

In the storm warning today I have been listening to radio interviews explaining how guests have been getting into trouble with smashed windshields on the roads in the northern and eastern part of Iceland, I have also been listening to hotel directors telling how they are advising their guests to stay in the hotel while the storm passes by. This takes me back to February 2018.

In February last year I was traveling with my guests in the north of Iceland. I had warned them that the weather might be affecting our itinerary so they were prepared when we had to reschedule our trip a couple of times. On one of this 10 day trip we were staying in Myvatn area when a storm hit the north. The weather looked fantastic through the window but trying to go driving…no! The storm was too strong.

The storm hitting Iceland today is up to 50 metres per second in gusts. It is OK in the Reykjavik area but if you are staying in the countryside then please don’t go anywhere without talking to the locals first.

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