Geysir means The One that Spouts

One of the most popular destinations in Iceland is Geysir, the Geysir geothermal area with the geysers spouting hot water and steam high up into the air. There is a lot of geysers in the geothermal area but it is not hard to find the most active geyser called Strokkur because it is very centrally located and there is usually a big group of visitors standing all around it with cameras held high ready to take photos when the geyser spouts.

The English (and international) word geyser is derived from the old geyser with the name Geysir. When travellers were visiting Iceland around the year 1700 they visited the geothermal area and witnessed how Geysir was spouting hot water and steam. The travellers sailed back to Europe and wrote books describing what they had seen in Iceland. The readers had never heard about anything like this – a spouting hot spring called Geysir! – this is why the English language has the word geyser. In Icelandic Geysir means The One that Spouts.

Geysir is not active any more but geyser Strokkur is spouting hot water and steam on a regular basis every 5-7 minutes. Sometimes Strokkur spouts twice or even three times in a row with only 20-25 seconds in between so it is important to wait and watch, it might be spouting again very soon!

Geysir is part of the famous Golden Circle in Iceland – We offer a privately guided tour through the Golden Circle