Great aurora forecast for tonight

The lights on the sky.
Aurora Borealis opening up on the sky above Iceland.

There is all kinds of folklore connected to the northern lights. The natives in the north often believed that the northern lights were spirits of the dead, people or animals. They sometimes thought the spirits were evil, trying to reach down to earth and grab the humans and take them away.

The natives in Scandinavia and northern parts of Russia, the Sami people, hid their kids and chanted trying to calm the souls. If they absolutely had to go out then they covered themselves and carried knives to be able to defend themselves.

The Icelanders have never been big about folklore connected to the northern lights. The Icelanders used the northern lights to make a weather forecast. If the lights were seen late in spring then there was a blizzard coming. If a pregnant woman was watching the sky and saw the stars and even the northern lights then they said: Her baby will become cross-eyed.

The aurora forecast for tonight is 5 out of 9 here in Iceland and a clear sky in the evening so there is every reason to go on your northern lights tour tonight. It looks really promising.

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