Great northern lights forecast

Aurora borealis
Northern lights seen on an aurora tour just outside of Reykjavik on October 6th 2018.

Good northern lights forecast tonight, 2 on the scale of 0-9, and a clear sky. This resulted in a great northern lights forecast which lasted almost the whole evening. I took my camera with me and here you see some of the photos.

The aurora on the sky in Reykjavik.
Beautiful northern lights seen on an aurora borealis tour in Iceland.

If anyone wants to see the northern lights and is planning on visiting Iceland in the close future then I’d like to mention that next week we have a great aurora forecast, from Sunday onwards, up to 6 out of 9 which should result in a great show if the clouds don’t block the view.

Auroa on the sky.
Seeing the northern lights is on many people’s bucket list.

There is never a guarantee that you’ll see the lights but these photos show you what you could see. I usually bring my camera so you can download the photos from my social media.

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