Great northern lights forecast

We have been having some fantastic northern lights shows here in Iceland since beginning of September. I took my camera with me on one of these trips with quite a good result. Here is one of the photos I took.

Aurora borealis.
Northern lights seen close to glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón in Iceland.

The northern lights vary depending on the activity every night. We need to be able to see the stars to see the northern lights.

If you see the stars then you have a chance to take a photo of the lights if and when they appear on the sky but please remember that you need to be patient and dress warm.

You also need to have a light sensitive camera or download a northern lights photo app to take photos of them. I usually bring my camera along so if you’d like, I can take a photo of you for you to download from my social media. See here:

Northern lights or aurora borealis.
Romantic night watching the northern lights.

Please notice that there is a great northern lights forecast for tonight, Monday September 17th, and tomorrow, Tuesday September 18th 2018.

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