Happy Easter from Iceland!

Chocolate eggs wit liquorice pieces.
Iceland’s beautifully decorated chocolate Easter eggs. Lovely present for family and friends at home.

Icelanders loves chocolate, especially the combination of chocolate with sweet liquorice. One million chocolate eggs are made for Easter in Iceland every year. Most families have chocolate eggs for “breakfast” and all day as a matter of fact because the eggs tend to be so big that you cannot finish your chocolate egg in the morning. The chocolate eggs are full with candy.

Inside the beautifully decorated chocolate eggs there is always a tiny piece of paper with an old saying. The first thing you do when you open your chocolate egg is to find the saying and read it. Many families discuss their sayings and what they mean when and if they meet during the day. Sometimes the companies try to change this tradition, skip the saying or have a verse instead of a saying. That has never been successful. The Icelanders are conservative and need their wise sayings.

Happy Easter!