Hraunfossar falls close to Langjökull

Many small falls flowing from the lava field.
Lava falls or Hraunfossar are visited during a tour to the western interior of Iceland.

During the Glacier and Western Interior Private Tour we are visiting an area with the beautiful falls on the photo above. These falls are called Hraunfossar, or Lava falls. It isn’t lava falling, it’s of course water. The falls are many and always falling into the river below. It’s a beautiful sight.

The water is springwater that has been seeping and flawing through the lava and some of it is meltwater from the ice cap of Langjökull glacier. The lava field on the photo is from an eruption in volcanoes close to where the glacier is nowadays. The eruption happened close to year 1000.

Hraunfossar are in the same area as Barnafoss falls, so we can say that you see two waterfalls in one stop. It’s just a short walk from the parking lot.