Iceland independent for 100 years

Iceland has anniversary today. It is 100 years since Iceland became independent from Denmark but staying a kingdom with the kind of Denmark being the king of Iceland and Denmark taking care of the foreign policy of Iceland.

Let’s have a look at the milestones in the history of Iceland:

Iceland was settled in 870 with the parliament founded in 930. After a civil war and a family war Iceland gave up its independence in 1262 and became a part of Norway. It later followed Norway into a big Scandinavian state and later on it remained a part of Denmark.

During the 19th century Icelandic intellectuals in Copenhagen started demanding independence for Iceland. At the beginning the parliament was taken up again, Iceland got home rule and then finally in 1918 full independence. Iceland has been a republic with a president since 1944.

Here you can see more about this. 

Today the main celebrations take place in the centre of Reykjavik, outside the Stjórnarráðshúsið at 1pm. 

Here you can see a video about the history of Iceland.