Langjökull means long glacier

Black and white, water and lava.
Glacial meltwater in falls Barnafoss, western Iceland.

The second biggest glacier in Iceland is called Langjökull (or Langjokull in English spelling) and that’s the glacier that is closest to Reykjavik. Langjökull glacier is a big glacier, stretching 52 and close to 15 km wide. It’s located in the interior of Iceland but accessible from two sides in summer only, on the western side and on the eastern side of it and it’s always a delight to use the opportunity during summer to go up to Langjökull.

The shape of the glacier gives the name, Lang-jökull means long glacier. Langjökull is one of the keys to modern life in Reykjavik city. All the glaciers in Iceland are melting and Langjökull is supposed to disappear in 150 years. It is melting fast and the meltwater is seeping and flowing through the ground on the way to the sea close to Reykjavik.

Langjökull is the key to why we have so much clean spring water in Reykjavik, it is the water from the glacier that we are drinking in Reykjavik and surroundings.

Would you like to see the glacier during your visit to Iceland?

Langjokull is visited during the western interior day tour where we leave Reykjavik in the morning driving along a fjord to the north of Reykjavik crossing the beautiful mountains and crossing valleys to the western interior. We take breaks at a geyser where you see the water spouting out of the hill and waterfalls Barnafoss and Hraunfossar.

We drive up to Langjökull ice cap (summers only) and take a walk to the ice. After the drive we take the highest mountain road driving along the glacier on rough dusty country road back to the civilization in Reykjavik.
This tour can be expected to take close to 9 hours.

Optional extras:

Ice tunnel tour – needs to be booked in good advance.

Krauma spa.

Farm brewery tour – needs to be booked in good advance.

Lava tube caving tour – needs to be booked in good advance.