Iceland and the North-Atlantic Ocean

Reykjanestá - toe of Reykjanes.
Stacks in the sea just off Reykjanes peninsula.

Iceland is an island in the middle of the North-Atlantic so almost everywhere you look during your tours you have the ocean, except when we are passing inland lakes.

The Atlantic is quite impressive. It is the second biggest ocean in the world next to the Pacific and it covers 22% of the earth. It reaches all the way north to the Arctic Ocean and it all the way south. The Atlantic is a deep ocean, the average depth is close to 3,4km but the deepest point of it is 8.4km. The Atlantic is saltier than any other oceans, its saltiness is usually close to 3,5%.

Iceland is located right on the Mid-Atlantic Oceanic Ridge. It is very centrally located and is really on top of the highest point of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

During the Moon-like Landscape tour you are visiting the only place in the world where the Mid-Atlantic Oceanic Ridge rises out of the sea and becomes land. That area is a unique opportunity for scientists to do research on the Ridge on land and – of course – a unique opportunity for guests coming to Iceland to see this place and a lot more of interesting nature.

The North-Atlantic gives us the Atlantic cod which is one of the main reasons why Icelanders have managed to survive in Iceland.