The Moon-Like Landscape Private Tour

Iceland gives the unique opportunity to see moon-like landscape since this is where the American astronauts practised moon-walking before flying to the moon. It is also the only place in the world where the Mid-Atlantic Oceanic Ridge rises out of the sea and becomes land so that’s exactly what we are going to see today. We are driving along the volcanic peninsula Reykjanes visiting many scenic places inside the Reykjanes GeoPark:

  • Reykjanesta where the Atlantic Ridge rises out of the sea.
  • Gunnuhver with hot spring constantly spouting.
  • Reykjanesviti guiding ships passing by.
  • Grindavik town with its interesting outdoor area and restaurants.
  • Blue Lagoon, passing or taking a break for bathing. Please book visit to the Blue Lagoon separately through the Blue Lagoon website.
  • Lava fields.
  • Craters.
  • Lakes.
  • The Atlantic Ocean.
  • Two geothermal power plants.
  • Volcanoes.
  • And more.

During this private tour you will be crossing the tectonic plates, seeing geothermal areas, volcanoes while passing and crossing volcanic systems. You will also see different types of lava while crossing lava fields, lines of cracks that take shape in the ground when the tectonic plates are drifting apart in iceland, craters and sometimes lakes.

We will be passing fishing villages and driving through some of them. We will take a lunch break in one of them. Before or after the lunch break we will be seeing shipwrecks on land, a lighthouse etc etc.

This tour includes a short driving but several breaks on the way to enjoy the nature and get the feeling of the elements on your skin. Duration of the tour is approximately 6 hours but the tour is also available with an extra break for bathing at the Blue Lagoon.

Please notice that this tour is ideal if you want to avoid the crowds. There will be some people in all the different places we are visiting but it is also easy in summer to make the tour unique for just you by doing something that others don’t do.

Please make sure you always tell your private tour guide at the beginning of the tour what kind of expectations you have. It makes it easier to meet those expectations.