Northern Lights Private Tour

Aurora borealis or northern lights.
The aurora borealis. Green is the dominant color when you are watching the northern lights.

The northern lights, sometimes called aurora borealis, have always been on the sky above Iceland so why not go and see them during your visit to Iceland?

We drive out of the city lights of Reykjavik into the darkness in the countryside trying to find a spot that is as dark as possible. The drive itself takes up to an hour but that depends on the conditions that night. A long drive might be necessary but then maybe we don’t need to drive that far at all.

During this tour your private tour guide tends to be very spontaneous, we might do only one stop watching the lights – and maybe more stops – depending on the conditions, the sky and the northern lights. The goal is to see the northern lights and take photos of the aurora borealis so we are not driving to other places if we see the stars and have a chance to see the sky, the stars and the northern lights when and if they appear on the sky.

The aurora borealis / northern lights tour takes only 3 hours, but you need to dress warm, have winter shoes or warm hiking boots, woolen layers and warm clothes, a parka or a coat plus hat and gloves.

Please notice that the northern lights are frequent in Iceland but there is never a guarantee to see the aurora, how much you see, for how long etc.

Green color is the most common color of the northern lights.
Northern lights in a loop on the winter sky in Iceland.

It is nice to have something warm to drink when you have been outside for an hour or two so I am bringing hot drinks; swiss miss, tea and or instant coffee. It brings a nice camping atmosphere to the tour.

I bring my camera to take photos of you in front of the northern lights when and if you see them. You are welcome to share them and or download these photos from my social media  to keep as souvenir. It would be really nice if you could please share my site and or tag social media when and if you post the photos online.