Rumbling falls Dynjandi

Dynjandi 2
Falls Dynjandi in northwestern part of Iceland.

One of the most beautiful falls in Vestfirðir (Vestfirdir or in English sometimes called the Westfjords) is waterfall Dynjandi in the northwestern part of Iceland. It is a great stop on the way to town Ísafjörður (Isafjordur in English spelling). Dynjandi is one of the main attractions in Vestfirðir.

Dynjandi is close to 100 metres high (or close to 300 feet), 30 metres wide at the top but 60 metres wide at the bottom. Dynjandi is just the top of five other waterfalls. Lower are Hundafoss, Strokkur, Göngumannafoss, Hrísvaðsfoss and Sjóarfoss, sometimes also called Bæjarfoss.

The name Dynjandi means rumbling falls because of the sound from the water.