Seljalandsfoss falls.
You can walk behind the waterfall in Seljalandsfoss in summer.

Iceland is rich with waterfalls and you see a lot of them when doing the tour along the south coast.

One of the most popular waterfalls is Seljalandsfoss. It is close to 60m high or 180 feet. The water falls of the beautiful mountain shelf into a pool below. The water level used to be higher and that’s why it’s possible to walk behind the waterfall nowadays.

Nobody wants to be wet for the whole day so the walk behind the waterfall is great to do at the end of the day, just before heading back to Reykjavik. There are some restrooms in Seljalandsfoss and a coffee stand if you need some refreshments.


PS: Great to bring rain gear and wear waterproof shoes. Please bring extra socks and towel just in case.