Souvenir from your Iceland Trip?

Islenskt brennivin
Icelandic brennivin is the national drink of Iceland (besides water of course)

Sometimes people like to bring home some nice souvenir to remember the great trip to Iceland. Or sometimes they like to bring a gift to friends or family at home. What to bring? I recommend buying a bottle of the national drink brennivin.

Brennivin has a long history. It’s made of potatoes and caraway seeds and the farmers used to drink it in the olden days. When prohibition was lifted in Iceland during the 1930s then brennivin was the first alcohol to be distilled and sold in the country.

You drink brennivin in shots. It can be cold but some people say it’s even better to keep it at room temperature.

Brennivin is great to bring home from Iceland. The price is on 2299 kronur at the Duty Free Store at the airport.

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