The Hidden People

Iceland is rich with stories about what we call for the hidden people. The term hidden people is sometimes used collectively for elves, gnomes, dwarfs but then Iceland has a separate hidden population. The hidden people are people just like us, they look the same even though they dress like the Icelanders in the olden days – the main difference is that the are invisible and live in the rocks and hills in the nature. That’s why they are sometimes called for the invisible people.

Hafnarfjordur town is the centre of the hidden people. Inside town there is a cliff Hamarinn that is believed to be the palace of the hidden people. In the town there is a small park with lava cliffs – those rocks are believed to house various hidden people, a kindergarden, home etc. We know this because people with a second sight can see and communicate with the hidden people.

Icelanders have the reputation that everyone believes in the existence of the hidden people. That’s not entirely true. Research shows that close to 3% say they believe in the existence of the hidden people, close to 60% say they don’t want to say yes or no and the rest says no, we don’t believe in the existence of the hidden population.

I think the folk stories about the invisible people is reflecting the dream of a better life. When survival was hard and life was miserable then the Icelanders were spinning stories about the hidden people. Through the stories they might have been trying to explain the shapes they saw in the winter darkness.

No TV or computers in those days!