Trip to neighbouring Greenland

Sailing in Greenland and Iceland.
Sailing tour to the icefjord from Ilulissat, Greenland.

Greenland is Iceland’s closest neighbour with only 290km between the two countries. These countries have a common history in the way that the Norse sailed from Iceland to Greenland and settled Greenland together with the Dorset and later Thule people until the Norse disappear in a mysterious way just after 1400.

Despite being a guide who takes others on glacier tours and all kinds of nature sightseeing, then I couldn’t miss the chance to join several tours. One of the most interesting tours I joined was a sailing tour to glacier tongue Eqi. The tour took us sailing quite close to the edge of the glacier. We were also taken into the famous icefjord. I am used to seeing icebergs but these icebergs were gigantic!

We stayed in Ilulissat and the trip took five days. It has always been my dream to go to Greenland so now at the end of September that dream came true. I am getting license as a travel agent so soon I will be able to offer tours to Greenland. Bucket list… anyone? Keep posted!