Volcanic and Glacial Private South Coast Tour

The private south coast tour includes Volcanic and Glacial wonders of the south of Iceland. It covers some of the most popular destinations in Iceland. The south coast is very popular because this area has some of the most breathtaking and interesting places in the Icelandic nature.


Skogafoss - Private South Coast Tour in Iceland
Beautiful white water falls with a vague rainbow in front. The name is Skogafoss.

Here is what the tour looks like:

During the tour we drive from Reykjavik to the south coast, crossing the tectonic plates down to the plains of the south coast on our way to Mt Eyjafjallajökull. Eyjafjallajökull is the glacier and volcano that erupted in 2010 stopping all the air traffic between the US and Europe.

We will be driving along Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull ice cap with volcano Katla beneath the glacier to the village of Vik. On the way we take a break by Solheimajokull glacier tongue. We’ll take a walk towards the glacier if you feel like it.

Dyrholey - Private South Coast Tour in Iceland
Dyrholaey was sometimes called Portland by English sailors.

After lunch in Vik we’ll drive to the black beach Reynisfjara which is on the list over the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. You’ll see why…

We also take a break by the waterfall Seljalandsfoss where you can walk behind the waterfall (in summer only) but please bring rain gear and then of course also by the waterfall Skogafoss.

The duration of this tour is close to 10 hours.