Who is the Private Guide in Iceland?

Guide wearing woolen sweater
Gudrun Private Guide in Iceland.

I am a private guide in Iceland ( Reykjavík). My name is Gudrun Helga Sigurdardottir and I have been working as independent private tour guide for my own company, tour operator Studio F ehf based in Iceland for almost ten years now. I have all the licenses and education that you need to have to be able to work as a private guide in Iceland.

I have a great vehicle, a so-called “superjeep”, that can take us almost anywhere we want to go, on the traditional roads and most popular tours, along ring road one and or up into the exotic wilderness or highlands of Iceland. We are even sometimes crossing glacial rivers on the way. I will do my best to make the trip special for you and I always try to drive some not so frequented but still beautiful roads in order to do something different for you.

My vehicle takes nine people.
My van is a Ford Econoline, converted into a 4×4. Very convenient for traveling.

Are you just doing a stop-over for the day and want to maximize what you see and do that day? Or are you perhaps staying for several days? Do you want to visit only Reykjavik or do you want to see the countryside? Do you want to see the northern lights in winter? There are so many options for wonderful sightseeing so please, let’s start communicating and find some great itinerary for you!

I am a certified tour operator in Iceland.
Studio F is authorised tour operator by the Icelandic Tourist Board.

If you are wondering about my background then I have education as guide here in Iceland so I am both a private guide by education and profession. I have been a certified tour operator (license) by the Icelandic Tourist board since 2009. I also have professional driver’s license so I am licensed to drive vans and buses of all sizes.

I am also a journalist and used to be a reporter. I used to live in Helsinki, Finland, for seven years. I have my university education in journalism and political science from Helsinki University and this is the reason why I speak Finnish and Swedish as well as Icelandic and Danish.

Gudrun Helga's book.
The cover of my book about food traditions in Iceland.

I have published my first book, Traditional Icelandic Food – A Gastronomic Guide to Iceland. Available straight from me when you travel with me or through email but you can also find it in the bookshops in Reykjavik, National Museum, City Museum and other museums and visitor centres around the country. The book is not a cooking book. It’s gastronomy, cultural information and stories about traditional food in Iceland and it gives you instructions about how to taste some of the national dishes.