Wild Seal “Fjóla” in Iceland

Seal watching people for company.
The harbour seal or grey seal is the most common seal in Icelandic waters.

This seal was lying alone on rock north of Djúpavík village, Iceland a few weeks ago when I happened to pass and notice it. Never seen a seal in that place before so I simply had to stop for a photo. I have decided to name it Fjóla or Violet in English (even though I don’t know the sex or age of the seal).

This seal is harbour seal (or grey seal which is the same thing) and it is the most common seal in Icelandic waters, a few thousand seals at the moment. The seal population is collapsing in Iceland, mainly because the seals get caught in fishing nets – by accident of course – so the government is discussing what to do, how best to save the population.

I loved seeing the seal. There were some other seals in the area but a bit away. Seals are not easy to take photos of and it is important not to disturb these wild animals so I simply stayed in the car, watching them and taking a photo through the window. I always wanted to get a close-up of a seal!